How To Make Your Artwork Even More Beautiful Without Having A Gallery?

Even though the business connections and publicity are achieved by selling and displaying your artwork in a fancy and top-class gallery and you can upgrade your profile being an artist, you may need to wait for years for a gallery manager who will find you and give you option to showcase your work. Till then, you can display your work at venues instead of gallery.

• Showcase your art and sell it out from your garage, barn, shed or any other structure of your own property. Clean up the interior and display the pieces or mount them on tables just like in professional gallery or a booth. Make sure to consider proper art lighting to display it.

• Set up a tent, booth or table of artwork available at the flea markets or local craft stores. Check to see if you are able to set up the display at the nearest antique mall. Most of the malls have area where you can sell or display your artwork.

• You can also head to local library to showcase your artwork and consider having proper art lighting. The community artists are often allowed to showcase their art in several libraries and display contact details for those who like to buy the art.

• Visit the local associations and art clubs to sell your art. Even though you have to own membership for a fee, lets you gain art connections and exposure just like those you will find with a fancy gallery.

• Seek help of local businesses to present your artwork, such as restaurants, art stores, doctor’s offices and malls, to your community. Even though your art will be accepted by the business, the price of your art piece will not be revealed. However, you can showcase your artwork with contact details.

• Take photos of your artwork, upload it on social media and show them on websites which allow you to promote your artwork. You can also create the gallery of artwork and showcase your art on such sites.

• Set up the flyers or signs at nearest roadways to promote your artwork. Also send emails to others in your address book or get local media advertising. Also use social media to send alerts to friends regarding your work.

• You may need to get permission to sell your art direct from your house. Be sure to check whether a business license is required in your state or not.

• Place watermark on your artwork which obscures the code or image that cannot be removed by an unauthorized user.

• You may have to pay to rent or set up a booth, tent or table, membership from art association or art club, membership for online account, fees related to set up virtual stores or art galleries.