Re-decorating A Boring Room

Even plain white walls can be interesting if the right colours and furniture are combined into it.

Here are 4 methods to vamp up a dreary room to make it look alive.

Incorporate colours

The trick to a bright and bold room is the smart use of colour. If your choice of colour is white on white, add a pop of colour by selecting colourful bed linen, curtains and photo frames. If you are more of a bright walled person, try to keep the colours of the furniture and bed linen and cloth simpler. This could possibly be a tricky part so you could consult with an interior designer for best results.

Fixtures and furniture

Once you have decided on the colours of the walls, it is time to select the furniture. If the walls are white or a cool toned colour, you can either go for dark or light furnishing depending on your liking. A white room would look elegant with rustic or mahogany furnishing. Try not to put too many tones into it. If it is for a kid’s playroom or nursery, adding a blue cupboard and a red table is fine. If you want to maximize ground space, make use of wall shelves instead of drawers and cabinets. To decorate walls, you can buy canvas paintings, photo frames and other wall hangings. Extra ideas are mirror  installation in Sydney, dimming lights, detachable tables etc.

Spacing and area

If your room is small and you aim is to give it a wider look, use lighter colours on walls and have open and big windows. If your room already has a window and is too small, you have the option of mirror installation to make it appear larger. Use less furniture and opt for wall shelves instead of ground fixtures. However, if the room you are decorating has a wide area, make use of it in the best possible way. Buy a large rug, wide coffee table or L shaped sofa to enhance the width. Ensure that there is a good space between the furnishing to make the room appear less cluttered and compact.

Keeping clean

Once your room is ready and set to live in, keeping it that way is the next important thing. There are a few principles that are simple and easy to follow that will help you maintain a clean room. Making your bed every morning will save you the time of having to think of a messy bed. Placing the item back in the place you took it from will save you a whole day of cleaning. Teach your family, spouse and kids this rule so that you don’t have to clean after them. As time passes floors and walls tend to get dusty. Give the room a good mop and wash every once in a while to keep it looking fresh.