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What do you mostly see when you walk on the road or drive? Of course if you are driving you cannot watch here and there because you have to focus on your vehicle. If something goes wrong, you will have to be responsible for other’s lives as well. But, when you are walking on the pavement, what do you normally see? Especially in a big town? There are hundreds of banners and posters. Some of them are even bigger than a human being. Often, those are basically advertisements displayed by different companies, to attract customers. Banners come under the category of printed media.

Although this is a quite outdated method which is used for marketing purposes, still the majority of business organizations continue to do, because a lot of people are familiar with this form of communication. Someone would easily argue that all these banners, posters are of no relevance in this era of technological development where social media marketing is at its best. That is a valid point. And it is true that now we see a gradual reduction in the use of banners and other printed stuff. However, still we cannot fully ignore that. Therefore, let’s look at some of the types of banners which you may have already seen. Not only when you roam around on streets, you will notice these in places such as exhibitions, book fairs and many other occasions where companies come and promote their products and services.

Have you heard of mesh banners?

This word could be strange for you, but most probably you have seen these somewhere. A mesh banner is made of a polyester material, in order to prevent it from being damaged by the wind. Generally used in outdoors. This turns out as better option for a windy environment compared to wind slits which may end up ripping the banner apart.Another very popular one is, good exhibition displays. Usually big in size and solid looking. These are kept behind or side of a presentation desk. The designers tend to include catchy images to make attractive for anyone who looks at that. Further, there are slogans mentioned in huge letters to make it more understandable for the reader. Even a person who has a poor eye sight will be able to clearly see. As its name implies, you can see the exhibition display at exhibition stalls.

Moreover, just assume that you want to have a trade show to make your customers well aware of the product or service that you offer and its specifications. What would add more value to that effort? A pop up display will be extremely helpful for you in this regard. But, you must make sure that it is eye catchy and also innovative.

Right. Those are some of the types of banners. What would you like? Decide it and design it.

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